Pampering our products since 1973

Our origins date back to 1973, and with our business name “Grupo de Estudios de Comercialización de Productos Agrícolas, S.A.” (Group of Studies of Agricultural Products Commercialisation, A.S.), we began by serving our Valencian Community citrus fruits to the great French distribution.


Nowadays, with our new corporate name “Grupo Agrícola Grupac, S.A.” (Agricultural Group Grupac, A.S.) we produce, prepare and commercialise the whole range of citrus fruits, fruits and green vegetables for a major part of the European Community under our brands Gamma and Galar.


Since our beginnings, our biggest ambition is to offer the best service, from production to the door of our clients. We provide all our knowledge in order for the product to reach the final consumers in the best conditions and presentations.


We rapidly adapt to the new demands of the sector. This allows us to have productions inside and outside of Spain and to merge with other companies in the sector that have the same concerns we do. We are very sensitised on providing healthier, flavourful products, respecting the environment.


We produce, prepare and commercialise a complete range of fresh products, destined to the great distribution as well as to importers and specialists in fruits and vegetables.


In addition, our range and volume of products increase because of our network of certified collaborators, who under our guidelines provide a plus for our daily service.


Grupac has the following quality certificates: